annie (mixiechic) wrote in hanson_gossip,

perhaps a hanson sighting?

so, okay. this might be a longshot, but i think i might have a secret tip for all you tulsa-ers.

when they were in japan, hanson toured with this awesome musician, bleu. and he is playing a gig in tulsa tomorrow night. i know that bleu and zac are pretty tight and have plans to work together on stuff in the future. they did "go" together, you know.

anyway, so since bleu is going to be in the tulsa/hanson area, i thought maybe some of the guys might show up.

like i said, it's not a positive, but who knows?!

here is the show info:
Blue Dome Diner
313 E. 2nd Street, Tulsa, OK 74120
(918) 382-7866
All ages | $10 | Doors: 7:00pm
with The Everyday Visuals

(cross posted to spread the hanson love)

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